Non contact vlotage detector

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   We ahve designed a nice non-contact voltage detector.The special function showed below.
Modle no.:MAC-2D 
1,Discrete digitally controlled ON/OFF power button.
2,Auto power-off feature conserves and extends battery life.
3,The test top part is used transparent materail.
1,Voltage range:50-1000VAC
2,Measurement category: CATIV 1000V
3,Frequency range: 50-500Hz
4,Size/Weight: 138x20x18mm/49g
5,Working power: 1.5Vx2(AAA)battery

    It is u sed to detect voltage in outlets,lighting,fixtures,circuit breakers,wires,and cables or to fing a break in a wire.
   Highe intensity,bright green LED indicates the tester is operational and aids in illuminating the workspace.
   When voltage is detected,a high intensity,bright red LED illuminates and a beeping sound is generated.
   Bright red LED and audible alarm sound if voltage is present
   Microprocessor controlled low-battery indicator and tester shutdown.
   Durable polycarbonate plastic resin construction.
   Lightweight compact design with a convenient clip to fit securely in your pocket.
   Flash light,Red and Green light

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